Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union


Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union

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Ethiopia, in the Horn of Africa, is a landlocked country that shares its borders with six countries. Notably, much of its southern border rich coffee terrain is shared with Kenya. Oromia is a renowned coffee region, with decades of experience in fine Arabica coffee production on both private and publicly owned plantations. Much of the area is covered in forest, as well as rainforest, and coffee grows well protected under the tree canopies. It rains for nine months of the year and then the sun comes out in time to dry the cherry for harvest.
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Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union is a union that found in Oromia regional state jimma zone Agaro town. The union working areas are in 5 rural districts those are, Gomma, Gera, Gumay, Sigimo, and Sentema.
Kata Muduga is the umbrella organization supporting some of the biggest and best coffee-producing cooperatives in Ethiopia today. It's also one of the most farmer-focused Unions. It consistently generates some of the highest prices paid to farmers in the country.

Who manages kata Muduga ?
The Union's General Manager, Asnake Nigat, has been part of the story of these coffees from the beginning. Asnake was a business advisor with the Technoserve Coffee Initiative, a development project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2010, Technoserve helped these cooperatives in remote parts of Jimma transition to washed coffee production.



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Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union was established on August 2016, by 20 primary cooperatives under the umbrella of Keta Muduga Union and 19,046 small-scale coffee farmers from this 17,031 were male and 2,015 female members which include 450,485 families .by those members 61,272 hectare of land covered by coffee.


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