Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union


About Us


Our Story

The name Kata Muduga derived from Birth Place of Coffee Arabica found at distance of 10 km from Agaro town and 45 km from Jimma.

  • In Oromia Regional State, Jimma Zone, Agaro town
  • distance: 45 km from Jimma and 397 km from Addis Ababa.

Working Area
  • the geographical area embodied in this union are 5 rural districts in Jimma zone (Goma, Gera, Gumai, Setema, and Sigimo).

  • Altitude of the area range 1800 – 2300m,
  • Temperature range 12 – 24 degree,
  • The annual rainfall of the area 1700 – 2200mm.



Main Duties and Responsibilities of Union

Improve the life standard of the member farmers by enhancing the household level income through;
  • Development of producer's cooperatively direct marketing channel that can perfectly provide the right and better price for their contract.
  • Return earning a dividend to producers from their primary cooperatives
  • Traceability: Kata Muduga Cooperative Union works on Washed and Natural organic coffee of specific 3 districts; Gera, Goma, Gumai area of the similar agro ecology.



  • To increase the income of farmers sustainably and to see their life is changed economically.



  • To make this union to be one of the best competent delivering quality coffees in the world.

Our Team

Asnake Nigat
General Manager of the Union
Mobile +251917828675/+251985289524
E-mail: [email protected]
Ephrem Kebede
Export Manager
Mobile +251913837063
E-mail: [email protected]
Bekelech Teshome
Documentation & Logistics
Mobile +251913075837
E-mail: [email protected]