Kata Muduga Multi-purpose Farmer's Cooperative Union


Primary Cooperatives


Duromina Cooperative

The Duromina cooperative is part of the Kata Muduga Multipurpose Farmers' Cooperative Union which established in 2010 by a group of 113 coffee producers in an isolated region near the town of Agaro in Jimma. The Jimma region in southwestern Ethiopia is infamous for its low-quality production of the Djimma 5 grade. The grade is synonymous with poorly produced and processed natural coffee. A low quality that pairs with low selling prices for the coffee both nationally and internationally.


Nano Challa Cooperative

Nano Challa cooperative was established in 2004 by an initial 25 farmer members from the Agaro town in the Jimma Zone, Oromia, Western Ethiopia. The founder members formed the group in order to foster unity and to share in addressing issues they were facing around finding good buyers for their coffee, eleviating debt and improving standards of production. Jimma is an area that had become synonymous with 'Jimma 5' - low quality natural processed commercial type coffee that fetches minimal prices on the internal and international market.

Part of Nano Challa's strength lies in being part of the Kata Muduga Multipurpose Farmer's Cooperative Union - an overarching organization that includes some of the best known, highest quality producing washing stations in the country.


Yukro Cooperative

Yukro co-operative was originally formed in 1977, in the village of Wanja Qarsa, in the Gera District of Jimma. Today, they are part of the Keta Meduga Union.
The Hunda Oli cooperative's 181 members are part of the Kata Mudaga Union, which was established in August 2016 and includes more than 17.000 small-scale farmers.